St. Mary's altar area at Easter decorated with flowers and yellow and white banners

Sacrament of the Sick


Anointing of the Sick is a Sacrament offering support to those facing a serious illness. The Sacrament is provided by priests and can occur either at the parish or, if needed, at an alternative location. To recieve this Sacrament, contact the parish office. If it is an emergency, call the parish office phone line at 705-728-2985 and follow the directions to access the priest on call.​​

Those who are ill in our community can be added to the parish prayers. To be added to the intention list, please contact the parish office.

Masses can also be offered for special intentions. The individual for whom a Mass is offered is posted each week in the bulletin and can be announced at the specific Mass. For more information or to request a Mass for someone you know, contact the parish office.​