St. Mary's altar area at Easter decorated with flowers and yellow and white banners

Holy Orders - Deacon - Priest - Bishop

Clip aret of the symbols of Priestly Holy Orders: Stole, Oil, chalice and PattenBy the power of the Holy Spirit, the Risen Christ continues to lead His flock here on earth through the ministerial priesthood ordained for this purpose through the Sacrament of Holy Orders.  This particular sacrament is called 'orders' because there are three participatory degrees to this sacrament, all 'ordered' to one another.  The three orders are bishop, priest and deacon; all ordered to serve in distinct yet interconnected ways.  We are all by our baptism part of the common priesthood of Jesus Christ, but from among the faithful some are chosen for the ministerial priesthood and 'ordered' in a special way to be at service of the common priesthood.  The ordained priesthood is a means by which Jesus Christ builds up and leads His Church here on earth (CCC 1544-1547).