St. Mary's altar area at Easter decorated with flowers and yellow and white banners

Liturgy of the Word with Children

Graphic of Children around an open Bible
Liturgy of the Word - Children
Our church has issued a specific liturgical document pertaining to children. The Directory for Masses with Children suggests many alternatives for celebrations involving children and adults. In addition, it states "Sometimes, it will be appropriate to celebrate the liturgy of the word including a homily, with the children in a separate, but not too distant, room." The directory indicates that these celebrations of the word take place "sometimes". Clearly children should not attend so often that the assembly is robbed of their presence or that the children appear to be disenfranchised of it. They should not take place on special festive days such as Easter or Pentecost. At this time we do not have Liturgy of the Word with Children scheduled regularly. If you are interested in serving as a celebration leader please contact Catherine Ecker for more information.
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