Cross in St. Mary's Sanctuary

Refugee Sponsorship

Posted : Sep-04-2021

St. Mary's Refugee Sponsorship group is an interfaith Refugee resettlement group. We are working on 2 families at the present time. The first is a Family from Sudan - who are presently in Jordan. There is a Father, a Mother, and 1 child - who is 1 year old, and there is another child "on the way".  They have received all of the approvals (Interview with Canadian Embassay Staff, Health Check, Security Check) and have received word that they will travel immanently to Canada. We are the resettlement group - and will have some financial support from the office of Refugees from the Archdiocese of Toronto, and Project Hope.  We are looking to secure a rental place for this family - 2 bedrooms. If you know of a place - please contact the parish office. 705-728-2985

The second family is from Syria, and are presenmtly in Lebanon. They are related to a family from Syria who were resettled heere in Barrie 5 years ago as refugees. The head of that family actually did the tile work when the washrooms in the Church were redone a few years ago. They have not yet had their interview with the Canadian Embassy Staff yet.